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Quality is essential

Since 2006 we have been focusing on quality. Our many years of experience in design and production ensure that every product created by PGWEAR is unique and appreciated by fanatics around the world.

Comfort and functionality

Clothes are prepared to suit the needs of football fanatics. Thanks to innovative solutions used in our products, we create clothing that works well in all conditions and makes life easier for football fans.

Precision at every stage.

The production process from the beginning to the end takes place at PGWEAR Customs. It gives us the possibility of regular quality control at all stages. We take care of each, even the smallest detail!

The final product

When shopping at PGWEAR, you can be sure that you will receive a refined product. Clothing designed from scratch by people with passion, who are fans themselves, produced by experienced employees whose priority is quality and not quantity - PGWEAR is the best clothing for fanatics available on the market